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Electromagnetic fields

The current alarm focuses on the possible non-thermal health effects, revealed in some epidemiological studies as well as in vivo experimental (on whole organisms) and in vitro (on cell cultures) that suggest the possible existence, to long-term, of other effects of radio frequencies (carcinogenic, genotoxic, etc.).


These exposure limits have been incorporated into the Spanish legal system by Royal Decree 1066/2001, of September 28, which approves the Regulation that establishes conditions for the protection of the public radioelectric domain, restrictions on radioelectric emissions and protection measures. health against radio emissions.

The main purpose of this Royal Decree is to adopt measures for the health protection of the population, establishing limits for the exposure of the general public to electromagnetic fields from radioelectric emissions, in accordance with European recommendations.

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A recent Order of the Supreme Court has confirmed the sentence that condemned an electrical company for the electromagnetic contamination caused by a transformer in Murcia. This ruling joins the one issued by the Castellón Provincial Court, which required the withdrawal of another transformer in the town of Burriana, considering that there were reasonable indications to suppose that the level of exposure to which the homes were subjected was a factor risk of cancer.

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