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The social mobilizations

they are one more formula of community expression

to carry the message to the public

and draw attention to crucial issues

that will mean important changes in our lives.

Our acts are peaceful,

whose purpose is to promote, contribute e  promote proposals oriented

towards an improvement of our rights,  for the common good and

for the defense of our territory and natural resources

May, 2021

By the Countryside...


We went to La Jara and explained to the attendees where the mega parks that cover 10 million square meters are located and why another way of transiting energetically is essential: distributed model

June, 2021

By the city...

We were in Malaga Capital, to get there the need for citizens to get involved in all aspects of the sustainability of planet A

Poster Malaga 5-J 2021.jpg

By Coin...

The streets of Coín were filled, after a long time, with sounds and citizens demanding attention to our crop fields

COIN 5-J.jpg

Through Malaga...

We took our demands to the door of the Malaga Delegation and were accompanied by mayors, political parties, companies, associations and unions.

Organization carried out by our Association.

Concentration 25-J Expanded.gif

September, 2021

Through Andalusia...

SEVILLE 30-S.jpg

And it was time to go to the Andalusian parliament.
In Seville we unite voices from all the provinces and we meet within the parliament with all the political groups.
From our Association, once again, we participate very actively in its organization.

October, 2021

For Madrid...

And we went to the capital, all united, thousands and thousands of voices shouting "renewables yes, but not like this!"
Our Association participates in the organization, with great dedication

Madrid 16-O.jpg
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