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Do not! a photovoltaic industrial mega plant in the Río Grande Natural Valley

Because the transition to sustainable energy and


of decarbonized energy,no 

goes through thedestruction of our natural landscapes and the loss of land


This model only benefits large investors and speculators,

nationals and foreigners, to the detriment of access to clean energy

by the citizens,

thus contradicting the proposals of a just transition.

The Plate Route

The invaluable work of the colleagues of the Association, who review the BOE  and the BOJA every day, has made "La Ruta de la Placa" become a tool not only for the residents of Coín , but also for all the residents of Andalusia.

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The Plate Route


The fragmentation of a macro project into several small projects is a common practice of these companies, thus trying to evade the "Environmental Impact Report" .


The entire final project, almost 10,000,000 m2 , will affect the municipalities of Coín, Alozaina, Casarabonela, Guaro, Monda, Ojén and Marbella.


One of the "fragmented" projects presented:

more than 1,000,000 m2

Rio Grande 30.jpg

The electricity production will be transported to Marbella, without any advantage for the other municipalities .

The evacuation line will have more than

20 kilometers of cabling

overhead high voltage , crossing and


to certain protected areas.

We call it by its name:
"energy colonialism"


And you,

Do you know the risks?

Rio Grande 45.jpg

A great fraud is being uncovered throughout the national territory ... Under the title of " good of general or public interest / utility ", the photovoltaic companies have in their hand the Law to request the expropriation of the lands that they had first convinced to their owners to rent or sell them ...

Rio Grande 31.jpg

Raft construction

5,000 m3 (equal to

5 million liters)

next to Rio Grande,

for this 1,000,000 m2 project.

How many more rafts for each project?




The constant heating of photovoltaic panels

of the extension of this macroproject, causes

that the heat during the night

do not decrease, increasing

the high temperature,

both day and night.



Electricity pole

How does it affect us?





According to the project itself, there are " negative effects

on the protected spaces present in the field of

study, it is an area with spaces belonging to

to the Natura 2000 Network,

RENPA and Biosphere Reserve ".


Senior couple meditating

Today more than ever we need natural spaces for our health.

The City Council of Ojén

has said: NO!

And yours?

Infographic valley.jpg

And you,

what can you do?

Self-sufficiency and self-sufficiency

Energy saving


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