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Chronicle of an Announced Unconstitutionality

More than 400 entities demand that the Deputies suppress the articles that facilitate the express implementation of renewable macro-industries.

Associations and platforms of affected neighbors, environmentalists, cultural, and all kinds of entities from all the autonomous communities join the initiative.

 Articles 6 and 7, together with the provisions

   fourth and sixteenth finals of RDL 6/2022

   deal the biggest blow to environmental values

   y of citizen participation that we can remember.

 These items avoid environmental processing

   due (Environmental Impact Assessment) to the

   once they facilitate through an express procedure,

    that are processed behind people's backs.

 Entities try to avoid filing an appeal

   to the Constitutional Court or enter into lengthy lawsuits

   when it is too late, because the evil is already there


On 04/28/22, Congress approved RDL 6-2022 (urgent measures consequences of the Ukraine war).


But the humanitarian crisis that is being experienced in Ukraine does not protect us from destroying our lands and our lives.

Said Royal Decree,  , is currently being processed as an urgent Bill (No. expte. 121/000100), with the amendment period currently open.

Chapter III would affect the processing processes of wind and photovoltaic parks,
facilitating them.


The rule reduces the environmental processing in renewable energy projects of up to 75 MW (wind) and 150 MW (photovoltaic) to a report determining the environmental condition that does not study in detail the different impacts and to which no appeal may be submitted. . Therefore, the text takes away the right of those affected to point out unforeseen or underestimated impacts as well as technical errors and suppresses public participation in which it represents a clear violation of the Aarhus Convention of which Spain is a party.

Given the seriousness of the consequences of the eventual approval of these articles, more than 400 entities of the Spanish state from all the  Autonomous Communities have drawn up a proposal to amend the aforementioned Bill (No. expte. 121/000100) that have been sent to all the parliamentary groups and their deputies as representatives of the citizenry in the chamber of Congress: the objective is the withdrawal of Articles 6 and 7 and the aforementioned provisions._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

If this rule goes ahead, it would be leaving the challenge of urgency and climate change in the hands of the oligopoly.


It seems as if the minister of energy authorizations had expressly and diligently assisted the promoters to resolve in one fell swoop  maestro the obstacles that many citizen struggles were imposing to avoid abuses of common environmental interests and rights of the people. 


Photovoltaic Almargen.jpg

Without biodiversity, there is no health



Last May 2022, we sent an explanatory text to all the Deputies of Congress by e-mail with all the information on why it is important to maintain citizen participation in the procedure for the presentation of renewable energy megaprojects.

The petition was accompanied by the Amendments to register them as a Parliamentary Group, and in turn, approved by vote.


We continue to meet with all the political groups to inform them of the opposition of the citizens to this "Express" procedure and request their support in voting on our Amendments, the day they are voted on by the Commission.

The Amendment registration period remains open until February 2023, and its closure may continue to be postponed.

This means that the Amendments cannot be voted on, and consequently, the projects can already be processed by the "Express" procedure.




415 entities from the 17 Autonomous Communities:


1. Andalusia (44)

AGADEN, Ecologists in Action 


Casarabonela Association "Neither in my town nor in yours"

Rio Grande Natural Valley Association

Andalusian Center Association of Ronda

Association Let's save fields and mountains of the Serranía de Ronda

AMMA Almijara Association

Friends of the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park Association

Saltador Valley Cultural Association

Ecologists in Action Almeria

Ecologists in Action Sierra Bermeja

Ecologists in Action, Sierra de las Nieves

Andalusian Left (IzAnd)

Andalusian People's Initiative

The Mountain and Development Association of the Serranía de Ronda 

SAVIA Foundation

Active Marbella

Landscapes and Vineyards of Marco de Jerez

Platform for People Affected by Photovoltaic Projects in Ronda 

Say No to Towers Platform, Granada

Platform not to the high voltage towers, Montemayor area, Benahavís

Social Platform of the Campo de Gibraltar (16 social entities)

Civic Platform in Defense of the Hospital and Public Health of Campo de Gibraltar

SOS Platform Campiña de Jimena

Valle Lucainena and Vía Verde Protection Platform 

Stop Mar de Agata Wind Farm

SILVEMA Serranía de Ronda Ecologists in Action

VERDEMAR, Ecologists in Action 


2. Aragon (7)

Friends of the Earth Aragon

Friends of Gallocanta Association

Municipalist Space for Teruel

Moncayo No Rebla

Iberian Landscapes Platform

Unitary Platform against the Electric Highway (Huesca / Lleida)

Platform in favor of the landscapes of Teruel


3. Asturias (34)

Asturian Association of Friends of Nature (ANA)

Asturias Livestock Association

Corripa Association

Western Cultivate Association

Cultural Association - Recreational "Cristo de Paramios", Vegadeo

Association of abeyeiros from western Asturias (ABEYOAS)

Association of Rural Women of Asturias

Abraido Neighborhood Association (ASOVAB), Taramundi

Neighborhood Association "Valle de Paredes", Valdés

Neighborhood Association Virgen del Carmen de Lourido, San Tirso de Abres

Forum Boal 3000 Association

Geotrupes Association

The Rodiada Association

Biodevas Socio-environmental Association

Valdesana Association of Rural Tourism

Presno Parish Neighborhood Association, Castropol


Join Cooperativa 


Castropol Sport

Avilés Ecological Collective

Ecoloxist Coordinator of Asturias

Ecoloxistes n'Ación d'Asturies

Ecomateriales Ultravioleta S. Coop Astur ( )

Dora's Free Click

Asturian Group for the Study and Conservation of Bats

Mavea Naturalist Group

The Blue House of Navia

Ecofeminist Women Petra Kelly from Asturias

Panduru Circular Economy SLL

Platform All United for Naranco

Oscos-Eo's Xente Platform

Northwest Xente Platform

Feminist Network of Rural Women of Western Asturias


4. Canary Islands (3)

Citizen platform Save Chira Soria Barranco de Arguineguín. (Gran Canaria)

Ecological Association Save La Tejita (Tenerife)

Turcón-Ecologists in Action Collective


5. Cantabria (4)

Alto Besaya Assembly without Mills

ARCA (Association for the Defense of Natural Resources of Cantabria)

Pasiegos Valleys Defense

Noeolic Cantabria Center


6. Catalonia (138)

Catalan Xarxa for a Fair Energy Transition (platform that brings together 91 entities and groups)

ACARN (Cultural Association of Art with Respect for Nature)

Association Connecting with Life

SOS Lloret Citizen Association

Espai Llobregòs Association

Association Save the Platja de Pals 

SOS Empordanet Association of Girona 

Sos Palafrugell Association

Association of Naturalists of Girona

Association for the Environmental Sustainability of l'Alta Segarra i l'Anoia

Friends of Nature in Cadaqués 

Take the C-32

UNESCO Chair of Sustainable Human Development (Universitat de Girona)

Coordinator for the Safeguarding of Montseny

Defensem lo Masroig

Ecologists in Acció de Catalunya.

Ecologists of Catalonia (EdC) Federation of Ecologist Entities of Catalonia

The Fanal Ecologist Group of Moianès

the trill

L'Escala-Empúries Forum

Pontons Territory Defense Group

IAEDEN (Alt Empordanese Institution for the Defense and Study of Nature)

the manduca

the bale

Group for the Defense of the Natural Environment of La Segarra (Ecologists of Catalonia)

Grup d'Estudis i Protecció dels Ecosistemes Catalans - Ecologistes de Catalunya (GEPEC - EdC)

Platform Against the Energy Macroprojects of the Terres de Ponent

Landscapes and Vineyards of Priorat

Platform Salvem Castellfollit del Boix, Veciana

Tivissa South Platform

ALLIMO Platform (Albera Lliure de Molins)

Per la Conca

Preservem l'Anoia

Hail Tous

Hail Serra de Feixes

Save the Pla del Riols

Hail Castellfollit del Boix

Save Platja de Pals

Save the Pineda d'en Gori

Hail Ribera d'Ondara

Energy Sobirania Baixa Segarra

SOS Costa Brava

SOS Empordanet

SOS Rosamar Canyet

Stop macro wind farm of the Costa Brava Nord

Stop Vandellos 2

Terra Alta Alive


7. Castile-La Mancha (4)

Animal Defense Association

ENCOURAGE in Guadalajara.

ADEPRU, Association for the Defense of the Protected Landscape of the Ungría River

Arterra Collective


8. Castile and Leon (30)

A Morteira Association

High Valduerna Association

Friends of Velil Nola Cultural Association

High Sierra Pelendona Cultural Association

Friends of Velilla Cultural Association

Bierzo Renewable Association

Asden - Ecologist in action Soria

Farmers Association (Soria)

Natural Goat Association

Zamora Farmers Association

Barefoot Peasant Association 

Green Moon Association (Leon)

Bierzo Clean Air

Cabrera Awake

Communals of the Town are Manzanal de Arriba

Esgueva Valley Defense

Ecologists in Action of Zamora

GEDEMOL Group for the Study and Defense of the Eastern Mountain of Leon

Nos Terra Maire

Merindades wind table

Moncayo No Rebla

Llobu Ecotourism and Environment

Again NOT in Sayago

Landscapes and Vineyards of Bierzo

Cepeda Viva Platform 

Ricobayo Renewable Affected Platform

Ávila Ecological Platform

Platform for the Future of the Leonese Central Mountain

Sustainable Rural Neighborhood Platform

Alive Zamora


9. Community of Madrid (1)

Ecologists in Action of Tajuna


10. Valencian Community (28)

Ecological Action - Agró 

Alborem Action Association

Residents Association of Salinas (Alicante)

Partidas Neighborhood Association Peter Rives - Casa el cura

Monte Bateig Neighborhood Association

Friends of Mas de la Mateba Association (Castellón)

Naturalist Association of Ayora and La Valle (ANAV)

Nostra Terra les Coves de Vinromà Association, Plana Alta region in Castellón


Associació Perifèries del món

Association for Sustainable Utiel-Requena 

Group of associations Salvemos Brihuela, from the town of Chiva. 

Community UJI x Planeta, from Castellón, Valencian Community.

Entrepobles Country Valencia

Extinction Rebellion Valencia

Valencian Interunion

Montesa Territori Viu

No to the Magda project

NO MAT Vilafames

The Green Channel, Valencia, Chella.

La Ribera by Bike-Ecologists in Action

Citizen platform Stop Vinalopó Solar Plan

La Hoya de Buñol-Chiva Clean Air Platform. 

PLAAT Platform Alborache-Turís

Let's save Farrajon

Sustainable Sun Platform

Platform for the Study and Conservation of the Sierra de Chiva

Let's save Brihuela


11. Extremadura  (6)

West Villuercas Zone Platform

ARBA Extremadura

Network of exchange and replanting of seeds of Cáceres


Sierra de Montánchez-Natura Platform

Platform No to the Cañaveral Mine


12.Galicia (85)

A Cappella di Non

ADECOM, Association in Defense of the Coast of Death

Affected by Paderne

Affected by Eolic Vilaboa

Friends of the Arbores Ourense

Friends of Terra

Petón do Lobo Environmental Association

Friends of Castroverde Heritage Association

A-Legre Association

Association A Volta Grande  do Courel

Association of People Affected by the Vertedoiro de Leste

Chá Comuneiros Association

O Vilar Neighborhood Association (Santa Comba)

Association of neighbors and neighbors of Ernes.

Rainbow Environmental Association

World Animal Educational and Cultural Association (AECAM) 

Fuco Buxán Cultural Association

Galician Association Cova Crea

Bergantiñá Loba Lilas Ecofeminist Association

Wolf Association 

Rosalía Lugo Park Defense Association

Monte do Gato Seselle Association

Save Cabana Association

Sociocultural Environmental Neighborhood Association Alarma na Terra de Montes

Ventos Moeche Outeiro Association

Vespera de Nada Association for unha Galiza without oil

Sociocultural Environmental Neighborhood Association Alarma na Terra de Montes

Association for the Ecological Defense of Galiza - ADEGA

Association for the Defense of the Ria (APDR), from Pontevedra

Clean Air Mariñas Mandeo

Cabanas di non

Cerdido di Non

Agrocuir da Ulloa Collective

Terra Collective (Pontedeume)

Co-command Ghichas. Val Minor

Rías Altas Defense Committee.

Bergantiñá Coordinator for the defense of the land

Let's take care of terra do Incio

EA Ortegal i

Wind Coordination 

Ecoloxists in Action A Mariña

Ecoloxists in Action Artabra

Ecoloxists in Action Lugo

Ecoloxists in Action Barbanza

Ecoloxists in Action Sarria-Monforte

Ecoloxists A Coruña South

Ecoloxists A Costa da Morte

Ecoloxists in Action O Ribeiro

Enxeneria Sen Fronteiras Galicia

Galician Ecological Federation, FEG

Living Galician Interior

New Galician School

NON wind power in Castrove

Monfero di NON , neighborhood platform.

Move Neda

Movement in defense of Soandres-Montemaior-Cerceda

Chantada Energy Observatory

Ortegal di Non

Plademar Muros-Noia

As Salgueiras Platform 

Platform AsíEolicosNon de Cerdedo-Cotobade

Alto Miño Platform, Wind So Non

Neighborhood platform two councils of Coristanco, Santa Comba, Carballo and Tordoia

Eiquí Non Wind Platform

Na Mariña Wind Platform, Thus Non 

Defense Platform of the South of the Galician Dorsal (SurDaDorsal)

Platform for Animal Defense and Nature

Platform for Ethical Coexistence with Wildlife "With-Ethics"

Platform for the Defense of Monte Neme

Stopeolicos Negueira Platform.

Terra Chá Platform

Caíño Brancellao neighborhood platform

Quixote of Outes

Galician Network for a Living Rural

Rural Network

roxin roxal

Let's save Comarca de Ordes

Let's save o Iribio

Let's save the valley of Barcia and Monte Xalo

you are encrobas

Stop Wind Negueira

Stop Xurés Celanova Wind Power

Texmoecheeciños rural area

victims of justice

Affected Haunch Neighborhood (Neda)


13. Balearic Islands (1)

GOB Balearic Islands


14. La Rioja (5)

Platform for the sustainable progress of the eastern lands of La Rioja 

Platform for the Sustainable Development of Alto Cidacos 

SENDA (Energy Sustainability and Agricultural Development)

Ecologists in action from La Rioja

Landscapes and Vineyards of La Rioja


15.Murcia (1)

Platform For A Living Sea


16. Navarre-Nafarroa (12)

anue bizirik

Navarra Landscapes and Vineyards Association

Take the wind - Esteribar bizirik

Gazteluzar Platform

Gurelur. Navarro Fund for the Protection of the Natural Environment

haize berriak

NEETEN (Nafarroa Energia Eraldatzen Transforming Navarra Energy)

Olaibar bizirik

Landscapes and Vineyards of Navarra

Save Forgiveness 4.0 Erreniega Salba Dezagun 4.0

Let's save Egüesibar - Eguesibar salba dezagun

Urbasa-Andia bizirik


17. Basque Country (2)

Interkonexio elektrikorik ez!

Zain Dezagun Urdaibai Auzo Elkartea

State-owned or covering various territories (9):


  • Association for the Development of the Serranía Celtiberica (Burgos, Castellón, Cuenca, Guadalajara, La Rioja, Segovia, Soria, Teruel, Valencia, Zaragoza) and five autonomous communities (Castilian-Leonese, Castilian-La Mancha, Riojan, Aragonese, Valencian).

  • Spanish Association for the Conservation and Study of Bats

  • Contemporary Rural Association (state)

  • Arca Ibérica National Association

  • Confederation of Ecologists in Action

  • GEA Foundation Territorial Management

  • Landscapes and Vineyards of Spain

  • Green Seam Platform

  • PDCC (Platform for the Defense of the Cantabrian Mountains)

To add your association,

send us an email to:


directly add it by clicking here:


with respect to
RD 11/2022
validated in July 2022

Subsequently, andl Royal Decree Law 11/2022, of June 25, by which certain measures are adopted and extended to respond to the economic and social consequences of the war in Ukraine, to deal with situations of social and economic vulnerability, and for the economic and social recovery of the island of La Palma has modified article 1 of article 6 of RDL 6/2022 and without any motivation, establishing that it will only apply to projects located in low-sensitivity areas, eliminating the previous provision that also affected those located in moderate sensitivity, and establishing the publication of the report of determination of environmental condition in the BOE, according to that wording:

"One. Sections 1, letter c) and 3, letter e) of article 6 are modified, which are worded as follows:

«c) Location: Projects that, not being located in the marine environment or on surfaces that are part of the Natura 2000 Network, at the date of the presentation of the request for authorization by the promoter are located entirely in areas of low sensitivity according to the "Environmental Zoning for the implementation of renewable energies”, a tool prepared by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.»

"e) The environmental condition determination report will be published on the website of the environmental body and will be the subject of an announcement by said body in the "Official State Gazette". Likewise, the promoter and the substantive body will be notified within a maximum period of ten days.»

Group 4. Annex II
f) Installations for the use of the force of the wind for the production of energy. (Wind farms) not included in annex I, except those intended for self-consumption that do not exceed 100 kW of total power.
i) Installations for the production of electrical energy from solar energy, intended for sale to the grid, not included in Annex I or installed on roofs or roofs of buildings or on urban land and that occupy an area greater than 10 ha.


As it is still a temporary regime, it does not imply a modification of Law 21/2013 since it refers only to projects that are presented until December 31, 2024, that is, and that is why it cannot be considered a transposition of the Directive 2011/92/EU.

The facilities for
own consumption or solar plants on roofs, roofs and urban land, regardless of their
power and extension.

Law 21/2013, of December 9, on Environmental Assessment contemplates a simplified impact assessment procedure in articles 45 to 48, which already incorporated article 4.2 of Directive 2011/92/UE reformed in 2014, and reproduces the Criteria to be followed to determine the evaluation on a case-by-case basis or through thresholds in Annex III, to which article 47.2 of the law refers. These criteria refer to the characteristics of the projects (design, accumulation with other existing and/or approved ones, waste generation, etc.); to its location (land use, quality and regenerative capacity of natural resources such as land and biodiversity, etc.); and the type and characteristics of the potential impact in relation to the previous criteria (magnitude of the impact on the geographical area and size of the affected population, accumulation of impacts with other projects and the possibilities of reducing the impact, among others).

Most of these criteria have not been taken into account in article 6 of RDL 6/2022 or in RDL 11/2022, nor in the elaboration of the environmental sensitivity zoning prepared by MITERD. The most striking is the criterion of accumulation of projects or that of accumulation of impacts, since with the current wording it will be enough to divide the projects that exceed the power thresholds in other minor ones, so that the Express procedure for determining the environmental condition is applied to them. bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Because the proximity to other projects, although it is not a threshold, the promoter must state it so that it is taken into account by the environmental body.

Another violation of the Directive is that its article 4.2 only applies to projects in Annex II, while the express procedure applies to wind projects up to 75 MW
contemplated in Annex I of the Law, and photovoltaic parks, whether or not they exceed 100ha but do not exceed 150 MV, which although in the Directive are not included in Annex I, in Law 21/2013 they are, in accordance with the power that the States have to issue greater protection regulations, so that the projects of annexes I and II of Law 21/2013 will be subject to the same regulations that the Directive contemplates for the projects of its annexes I and II.

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