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To save our wonderful Valley

and the place of La Jara,

that is constantly threatened,

we are carrying out actions of various kinds

We present allegations to unfeasible projects:

  • Presentation of allegations against renewable megaprojects, in   in favor of a more sustainable, distributed, fair and democratic model, in time   and form

  • Presentation of allegations to the Casarabonela landfill, in a timely manner

  • Presentation of complaints about the poor condition of the old Alozaina road   (Camino Rural Río Grande), on 3 different occasions to the Coín City Council

  • Garbage dump of Río Seco, on 2 occasions, to the City Council of Coín

  • Río Seco Bridge, on 3 occasions, to the City Council of Coín


We carry out informative talks, both to the residents of the area, and to the affected residents who ask us for advice.

We keep in direct contact with more similar associations in the area, and also both regional and national.

We meet regularly with mayors from the entire region, so that they inform us of the current situation, and we ask them to promote self-sufficiency and energy communities, prioritizing already degraded soils and in this way, creating more stable and local employment.

Likewise, we request the protection of Río Grande, in its section from the end of the Sierra de las Nieves Biosphere Reserve, to the next already protected section of the Pereila River.

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