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The constant heating of the photovoltaic panels of the extension of this macroproject causes that the heat during the night does not decrease, increasing the high temperature, both during the day and at night.


This phenomenon causes the desertification of the area, as there is no compensation

vegetation that can effect evaporation during the night.

A torrid climate with extremely high temperatures will be created: a desert of life.


It will effect a climate change in the region.

desert landscape

Climate change

Under the solar panels hides a concrete infrastructure, wiring and rain drainage systems that are very harmful to the original soil.

Risk of fires, creating greater exhaustion in the fire department and Civil Guard unit in the area.

Rio Grande 41.jpg
Rio Grande 40.jpg
Rio Grande 57.jpg

They denounce the drying of centenary holm oaks in order to build a photovoltaic mega plant in Almodóvar, Córdoba.

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