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The old road of Alozaina, also known as Camino Rural Río Grande, has been in a terrible state of conservation for years, with the added danger that the cars that circulate in both directions, in order to avoid potholes and potholes, end up occupying the opposite side of your direction of travel, increasing the risk of collisions and accidents.

The residents of the area and the Río Grande Natural Valley Association have been denouncing this fact in writing since 2020 with the knowledge of the City Council.

Year 2022

Year 2020

Year 2021

Here you can see and interact with the proposal of the City Council of Coín

(map made with data from the official project document)

old road project
Coin - Alozaine

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June 22, 2022

road 4
Carretera 2
Carretera 4
road 2
Carretera 7
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