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The Rio Grande Natural Valley ,

at the foot of the Sierra de las Nieves National Park,

place where it was born, is in the province of Malaga.

A rich biodiversity to protect

for the good and health of future generations.


We are committed to renewable and self-sufficient energy.

Project "a million roofs" and other similar ones, promoted from the European Union.

It is possible to reduce CO2 emissions and help stop climate change, from every home, without the need to transport energy.


Join us

B part of the great family of Río Grande.

We will keep you informed of our activities and projects.

Participate as a member of the Association.

Help us to give strength and visibility to this important project to protect the


The new "bubble" of mega photovoltaic installations on agricultural land has a trick ...

Go to self-sufficiency, with solar panel installations in your home building

The current pandemic teaches us that now more than ever, natural spaces are an extraordinary antidote against the enemies of our immune system ...

Latest project

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Do you want to take a walk and know the richness of the flora existing in La Jara?

We go out into the field and chat with specialists who will tell us the properties of the plants and flowers found in the Valley.

Dare to join our outings and discover a wonderful place very close to you ...

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